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Song Lyrics along with Inspiration from Marie...

Image by Nickolas Nikolic




Been awhile since mama passed away

You picked up where she left off that day

You’ve been there to hold my hand

To wipe my tears, to understand

I’ve discovered something new

You’re my other mother



You reassure when I am unsure

Giving me the strength to endure

You’ve been there with your wisdom

Helped me through some hard decisions

And I want to let the world know

You’re my other mother



In my heart my mama holds a special place

A memory that time will not erase

You love me as your own

I know I’ll never be alone

With your unconditional love

You’re my other mother



You may feel I’m young and naïve

But I know you want me to succeed

In everything that I try to do

I want to be just like you

I hope you’ll always know

You’re my other mother


Yea...I Hope you always know

You’re my other mother


(© 2006 Siemens/Evans - ASCAP All Rights Reserved)


Genre: Country, Singer-Songwriter

Time: 3m 06s


‘MY OTHER MOTHER’ Backstory:

This song is about finding another ‘mother’ person in your life after you lose your natural mother.  This person is celebrated for the love, caring and
commitment towards you because you still need another mother to love you and

guide you in life.


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